Albasense was founded in late 2019 in order to commercialise patent-pending photonics based imaging and sensing techniques. We’re based in Paisley, Scotland and have strong links to the University of the West of Scotland`s Institute of Thin Films, Sensors & Imaging ( www.itfsi.com ).


We aim to provide imaging and sensor solutions in a number of areas where miniaturised low cost measurement is required. Applications range from monitoring of industrial processes, environmental monitoring to medical diagnostics. We will exploit our innovations through direct sales to global markets, partnerships and licensing.



Professor Des Gibson 

PhD in Thin Film Optics from Queen's University Belfast. Has over thirty years industrial and academic experience in sensors and thin film technologies. Link to PURE, LinkedIn Profile or ORCID.     

Dr Shigeng Song

PhD in Physics from Shanghai Institute of Metallurgy, Chinese Academy of Science. Expert in thin film physics and applications, particularly in; process, characterisation, modelling and device design. Link to PURE or LinkedIn Profile.

Dr Parag Vichare

PhD in Manufacturing Engineering from the University of Bath. Has 10 years of manufacturing research. Link to PURE or LinkedIn Profile.

Dr David Hutson 

PhD in Physics and Applied Physics from the University of Strathclyde. Over 12 years in industrial R&D for thin film devices. Link to PURE or LinkedIn Profile.

Dr Lewis Fleming 

PhD from the University of the West of Scotland. Specialist in band-pass filters for reducing cross-talk in gas sensors for applications in capnography. Link to PURE or LinkedIn Profile.

Dr Ewan Waddell

PhD in Physics from the University of Glasgow. Over 30 years industrial experience in thin film deposition and modelling. Expert in optical and physical modelling. Link to LinkedIn Profile.


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